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Stuffed Succubi
Part 1 of 3
(for 1O1Whorrifying1O1)

"*NNNGG* Come.. On.. Jeans *NNNGG* Close! CLOSE!!" Opal growled, her voice strained as she struggled to clasp the opened flaps around her chubby midriff. These were her new jeans, the ones with the precut hole she'd finally gotten for her birthday after complaining for weeks how uncomfortable her old pair were getting around the tail. She'd worn them just the other week without any trouble yet now, try as she might, she just couldn't get them to reach across the bulge of her fleshy middle. And that wasn't even the worst part; the entire time she'd been sucking it in!

Opal finally gave up, breathing a heavy sigh and simply watched as her stomach ballooned outward to its full size. Larger and larger it swelled, 10 inches, 20 inches, 30- it just kept going!

Heat rose in her cheeks as she looked away, too embarrassed to watch herself blow up any further and looked anywhere but back down. As her eyes wondered, she caught sight of movement from the corner of her eye. Was someone there?? With a yelp she spun quickly round to find herself face to face with someone she didn't recognize. There, staring back at her from the wardrobe mirror was a young girl, her short ruby-red locks sweeping in a circular motion to the back of her head, slipping behind her pointed ears. Her lime-green eyes shown through her bangs in the early hours of the morning, contrasting sharply with her hair's red hue- just like hers did. The demoness's pale completion, the arrow's point of her tail, the curvature of her ample bosom, even the way her two horns coiled inward like a ram's seemed exactly the same as Opal's.

The demoness in the mirror was identical to her in every way, all except for the girl's great stomach which hung so low over the demoness's beltline that it completely obscured her crotch area. It glistened in the rising sunlight from her bedroom window, the bloated orb seeming as out of place as a third horn. But surly this was just a trick of the light, there was no way that could be-
But as her hand lowered to where she thought her stomach should've been, she felt it touch flesh far sooner than it should have. Slowly, forebodingly, she lowered her gaze, a chill running down her spine as she saw her own stomach hang out over her crotch. Just like the stomach of the demoness in the mirror. Her reflection, her stomach!!

But that was impossible, she thought, her mind racing as she groped the supple belly flesh beneath her fingers, its heavy weight in her arms all too real. She felt the panic rise in her breasts; How could this be?? True she she'd always been a little chubby around the middle but this far beyond anything she'd felt before. Opal glanced back at the bloated demoness in the mirror and watched as tears began to prick at the corners of her eyes. How? How could this have happened? "How could I let myself get so- so-" her voice quavered, unable to even finish the thought while memories of the past week flashed back before her eyes.

----- One Week Ago -----

"Open up! Hey- C'mon Opal this isn't funny anymore! Opal, open the door!!"

"Hold on- just a minute. I need to finish drying my hair..." came Opal's voice from inside the bathroom while Jade continued to pound away on the other side. Just your ordinary early morning shenanigans- except for the fact that this was a family of demons. Succubi to be exact, beings blessed with natural magnetism and the ability to gain sustenance through, shall we say, "mature means."

Apart from their horns and tails they looks relatively human except for the fact that they were each abnormality beautiful. Both Emerald and Opal had what many would claim to the perfect figure, every angle of their bodies soft and supple. Their skin flawless, practically glowing with its own radiance and, combined with their perfect facial features, caused any mere mortal to melt on the spot. Ever aware of this, the eldest of the three, Emerald, always made sure to wear a little clothing as possible just to see the reactions of passersby.
Jade too was beautiful but in a more subtle way than his sisters, his gentile tones, aura, and captivating gaze able to strike through a woman's heart with a single glance. Defiantly NOT your typical family. Now was this a typical morning for that matter.

Jade growled and thumped his fist again. "Oh come ON! Are you serious!? Your hair can NOT still be wet." He hissed, his voice cracking slightly from stress as he held the pink towel in place over his naked form. "C'mon pleeeaase! You're gonna make me late!!" he whined while on the other side of the door Opal snickered, she could just imagine his tail swishing from side to side while his cheeks flushed pink in that way that made him look positively adorable. She loved to see him squirm since he was usually so calm and down to earth. And being his twin sister, she knew all of his little pet peeves.

"Hmm~hmm, almost done!" She called, knowing that it would drive him nuts to be kept waiting like this and had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing aloud.
"Rrr- You're doing this on purpose aren't you? Opal you know I hat-" he began to say but was cut off by the sudden blare of the phone's ring. It rang once and was about to ring again when the tone was cut off.

"JAAADE! It's Amelia. Where are you~u?" came Emerald's voice, growing louder as she came up the stairs until her footsteps stopped outside the door. "My my, that's quite a cute little towel ya got there. Really brings out the pink in your cheeks^^."

"Oh shut it!" he grumbled which only made Emerald laugh harder.

"Well you're certainly in a mood this morning. You might wanna wipe that frown off before Amelia comes, no one's gonna kiss that grumpy face." She teased to which Jade's only response was to reach for the phone. Seeing through his little maneuver she decided to have a little fun with him and held the phone high out of reach. "Nuh-uh Frog-Face!" she sang, sticking out her little pink tongue at him while Jade groaned.

"Not you too! Will you PLEASE just give me the phone??" he asked through clenched teeth, his usual patience seemingly absent this morning.

Emerald giggled. "Not until you say plea~ase."

"Wha- I did say please!"

"Say it like you mean i~it." She cooed in that same sing-song voice while still holding the phone out of reach.

Meanwhile Opal had begun to tune them out and was now just sitting on the toilet seat. There was that name again: Amelia. A name she'd heard several times over this recent week, each time spoken with such tender that it made her teeth ache. She'd briefly seen this Amelia once before as she came home from the library. They'd been together then, her and Jade, standing side by side while their cheeks flushed in a way that had nothing to do with the cold air. Opal had passed by the girl on her way out and the demoness could sense that her essence had been partially drained.

"-oing. Yeah sorry I left my phone in my pants pocket… Well I was trying to take a shower but my stupid sister is hogging the bathroom… Yes of course that's why I don't have my pants on!" she heard him laugh, evidently able to get the phone from emerald as he chatted away with Amelia on the other end. Opal felt a pang in her chest as she heard him laugh, sounding so relaxed and open as he talked on the phone. She opened the door a crack, peering out to see Jade standing just out the doorway, his back towards her and still dressed in nothing but a pink towel. He whispered something with a cupped hand into the receiver, his dark purple tail swaying back and forth in a half circle the way it did when he was happy. She knew that tail wag, having seen it first hand when they used to play together, how his lip only turned upward on one side when he smiled. I was she who used to make him laugh that way, she who used to make him smile. He was her special Jade, her other half, they'd done everything together.. everything…
"I know- I'm trying to hurry. I just need to get Opal out-" he stopped, having turned around and saw Opal looking through the crack. "Ack- I knew it!!" he cried, putting his foot in the doorway before she had a chance to close it again, not that she had intended to anyways; the "fun" had ended.
"Heh, yeah she was hogging it on purpose… I dunno she's just been acting a bit weird lately." Jade chuckled, motioning for Opal to get out while he turned the shower on. "OK.. OK yeah b.. ba-bye." He cooed, ending the call before turning to Opal who had traded places with him. She looked at her twin, her gaze searching hopefully for that small smile they always shared.

Jade rolled his eyes. "Here, take this downstairs will ya?" he asked, thrusting the phone into her hands before closing the door without so much as a backward glance. And that was it. Opal stood there long after the door had closed, waiting for the smile that never came. She clutched the phone in her hands, biting her bottom lip as she finally headed down the stairs, her drooping tail bouncing off each step.

She stayed downstairs after she replaced the phone, feeling dejected as she flipped the eggs and pancakes for their breakfast. Faster than she would've believed possible, Jade finished his shower and clambered down the stairs with his small carrying-suitcase. He was dressed in his favorite long-sleeved overshrit, faded blue jeans that were nearly a size too small, and the green scarf she'd gotten him last Christmas.

"Daawww there he i~is! Our big boy off for a weekend of fun. Click click!" Emerald cooed, holding an imaginary camera as she mimed taking pictures of him as he passed. "Click- Ooo these'll go in the family album: Jadey on his first date!"

"Hah, yeah, just stick them with the invisible pictures of me in my underwear  and we'll have a real collection to show off."

"Ooo! Good idea^^!" Emerald giggled, giving him a playful wink while Jade just shook his head with a bemused smile. Seeing him head towards the front door, Opal quickly piled the last of the eggs onto the spare plate and rushed over to him.

"Wait! You haven't had breakfast yet!" she called, holding the offing out in front as she rushed over to intercept him. He blinked as the eggs and pancakes suddenly appeared in his field of vision seemingly from nowhere. Recoiling slightly to avoid a collision, Jade gave his sister a mixture of emotions. She'd made him breakfast? That was nice of her, he actually couldn't remember the last time either of his sisters had done that for him. Perhaps this was an apology for holding up the bathroom, but still-

"No that's OK, I was just gonna pick something up on our way there." He told her, nudging the plate aside as he tried to walk past.

"C'mon, how long could it possibly take you to eat a little breakfast?" she asked, keeping pace with him as she insistently thrust the plate into his hands, cutting him off. Jade looked at the plate, the tantalizing scent of fresh eggs making his stomach rumble. It wasn't like he didn't want it or anything, he just didn't have the time.

"N-no, I really have to go." He told her, pushing the plate back for a second time as he tried to sidestep his sister only to find Opal blocking his path.

"Go? Without a goodbye kiss?" She asked, making her eyes as wide and innocent as possible as she took hold of his hand puckered up her cheeks.

"Opal- Knock it off." He grumbled, having just about enough of her shenanigans for one day; why had she been acting so weird?? "I don't have time for this right now." He told her, his tone final as he used her arm as leverage to move her away from the door; shunned aside.

Her smile fell as his back turned toward her, feeling the tug of his arm as he tried to pull free from her grasp. But she wouldn't let him go, she couldn't.

".. Don't… don't go…" she plead, her voice barely a whisper. Her gaze lowered, eyes shadowed from by her bangs as she fought not to cry. Again she'd been shunned aside, not needed, not wanted.

It had been like this for over a week now, ever since her name had come into their lives. Opal hardly ever saw him around the house anymore and the times he was home he was either busy studying or doing some other "guy thing." He never asked to see her drawings anymore, never laughed at jokes or even seemed to notice she was there. She felt as though she were losing him and.. and it was breaking her heart.

Jade turned round, about to tell his sister off when the sight of her stopped him short. Though her eyes were hidden he could feel her hands begin to shake as they tightly grasped his arm and watched as a single tear rolled down her cheek.
"… Hey." He breathed, his tone tender as he turned fully around, his free hand lifting her chin. "Heey…"

"Why are you leaving me?" she asked in that same strained whisper, a second tear falling from her eye as her gaze met his. Jade frowned, confused.

"What? I'm not leaving you-"

"You are!" Opal cut in, her voice returning with a pained shout as her eyes completely misted over. "You are- you're leaving me and I don't know why.."

"W..What?" Jade asked, now completely lost; where was this suddenly coming from. "Opal, you knew I was leaving, I won those concert tickets and booked a week at-

"A week!!" she wailed, turning her head away from his touch. "Jade we've never been apart that long! EVER!!" she sniffed, ger gaze falling to the floor as she felt more tears begin to well. "Why.. why couldn't you take me with you?"

"O.. Opal…" Jake stammered, looking to Emerald for help as he racked his brains. What could've caused her to act like this? True they had never been apart for more than a few days at a time- and she wanted to go with him and Amelia? That wasn't really what he'd planned on when he booked their trip.

As though reading his mind, the demoness raised her head and shot him a wounded look. "It's because of.. of HER, isn't it?" she asked, already knowing the answer from the expression on his face; of course it was because of Amelia. She was the one who made him laugh now, she was the one who made him smile.. now he didn't need her anymore. "Of course, why would you want me around when you've got her to keep you company- it's not like I haven't known you my whole life or anything- I-I'm sorry if I'm not good enough anymore- I tried, I try, I.. try…" she trailed off, babbling almost incoherently as the bottled emotions she'd been storing over the past few weeks suddenly came pouring out like uncorked champagne.

Jade could only stand there, at a loss as his sister seemed to melt before his eyes. She thought he was leaving her behind because he wanted to be alone with Amelia? That he'd somehow replaced her??

"Is that why you've been acting so weird lately?" he asked, remembering how hard she'd been trying to get him so hard to laugh, pulling stunts left and right; was it all to get his attention? Now that he thought about it he had been spending time away from home an awful lot, had he really caused Opal pain because of it? Jade swallowed, feeling a lump form in his throat as he gently whipped the tears from his sister's cheek. "Oh Opal.. I'm sorry." he whispered, feeling horrible that he could ever make her feel this way. "Really, I am, I never imagined that hanging out with Amelia would make you think- Opal, you're my sister. My other half, no one could ever in a million years replace you… I thought you knew that."

"I.. n-needed to hear it.. hear it from you." Opal sniffled, her cheeks rosy as she looked into his concerned gaze. She felt a little guilty herself now, unloading in him like that right before his big trip, but the thought of losing her one and only Jade had been more than she could bare. She sniffed again, whipping the remaining tears from her cheeks. "Promise you'll come back.. as soon as your trip's over?" she asked and was met by Jade's half-smile.

"Of course. And once I get back, how about we go down to O'Malley's for fudge Sundays? Like old times." He asked, his tail waving in a half circle while his right cheek upturned in a half-smile. There it was, the smile she had known for so many years, her old fun-loving Jade.

Opal smiled, blinking back new tears as she felt a great weight become lifted from her shoulders. "I'd like that." she told him before suddenly wrapping her arms around him in a warm, crushing embrace. She inhaled deeply, the fragrance of his sent as welcome and familiar as his smile. She wanted this moment to last forever, for him to forget the trip and stay here with her. But alas, it was not meant to be.

As the twins stood there locked in an embrace, Jade faintly became aware of a buzzing sensation in his left pocket. His phone!
"Wha- Oh crud!!" he gasped, separating himself from Opal long enough to check his phone. "Crud I'm late- Um.." he mumbled, looking sheepishly to Opal, as though asking for her permission to leave.

Opal bit her lip, as much as she didn't want him to leave, she knew it would be wrong of her to make him stay. "… Go." She sighed with an exasperated smile, shaking her head as she nudged him towards the door. "Go silly or you're gonna be late."

"Uuh… R-right." He mumbled, a bit confused by her sudden change of heart but in too much of a hurry to dispute the matter further. Still feeling a bit guilty and awkward about the whole thing, Jade decided to leave her with one last apology and gave her the kiss she'd asked for. It wasn't much, just a quick peck on the cheek, but to Opal it was like an electric charge. She watched him leave, watched him hop into his car and pull out of the driveway. In a mad rush she had the sudden desire to yell that she wanted him to stay. She opened he mouth, ready to shout but the words caught in her throat. Where by guilt or shock she found that she couldn't form the words, she only watched as his ride turned the corner and out of site. He was gone.

"… Well, that was quite the morning." came emerald's cheery tone, finally speaking after falling silent throughout the entire episode. She came up to her younger sister, placing a comforting hand on Opal's shoulder. "I know that wasn't easy but you did the righ-" she began before Opal suddenly turned around and buried her face in Emerald's bosom with a fresh set of tears. No sound emanated from her this time, her trembling shoulders the only clue to her true feelings. Emerald sighed. "You certainly are a leaky faucet today." She mused, patting her sister's head as she led her back to the table for breakfast.


Opal made her way back home, her arms labored with far too many bags as she walked down the dusty dirt trail. Without Jade's car and with all her friends busy doing something or other, Opal was forced to go grocery shopping the old fashioned way on foot. Ordinarily this wouldn't have been so bad except 1.) it was over 105 degrees outside and 2.) there was next to nothing currently in the house. And since Emerald went out to eat an hour ago that left her to go restock the house.

Doing her best to whip the sweat from her eyes without spilling any of her 12 bags, Opal slowly trudged the nine blocks back home. She was miserable, and not just because she was tired and sweaty; it had only been a few hours since Jade had left and she could already feel the effects of his absence. Being a supernatural demon as well as a twin she'd always been able to sense his presence whenever he was close. Most Succubi had this ability and could pinpoint specific energies akin to their taste in souls. Many  could even sense the energies of other Succubi to gauge if they were a threat to their territory, but her and Jade's ability to sense each other was particularly strong to the point where their spirits sometimes seemed to overlap. Sometimes, when they were really close, Opal could tell what he was going to say before he even opened his mouth. Here feelings for him were strong, so strong that it made her feel empty not being able to sense him. There were times when he'd been away from home and she could only vaguely feel her neck tingle, but he'd never been so far away that she couldn't sense him at all. Not until today.

Her feet dragged her home, not even realizing she was back until she was standing right in front of the back door. What did it really matter anyway? It's not like going inside would make her feel any better; the only comfort she found was in the fact that the sun no longer beat down on her neck. She sighed, allowing the bags of food to just fall onto the ground as she flopped down onto the couch. Silence filled the room, broken only by the occasional soft sniffle as she sat alone in the empty, empty house. Empty, just like her, without a purpose now that everyone had left.

"Get a grip!" she muttered to herself, attempting to push away her doom and gloom by a simple shake of her head. "Jade's gone and sitting here moping isn't going to bring him back any faster. Besides, he said he'd come back…" she reassured, trying to convince herself everything was alright even as the empty void in her guts tugged at her soul. She really did feel empty, hungry even, the fact that she couldn't sense Jade's constant presence made her soul ravenous. It had been a while since she'd last fed off someone- but she wasn't in the mood for it right now. With a weary sigh, Opal resigned herself to go to her room to take a nap. Or at least that had been her plan.

As Opal slowly made her way to the stairs, she heard a soft click from the front door as it suddenly sprang open. She turned quickly to look just in time to have something warm and fleshy engulf her face before knocking her flat on the floor.

"Out of the way- Oops! Sorry Opal!!" called Emeralds voice as a large shadow passed over Opal, her vision too blurry to clearly make out what it was.

"E-Emerald??" Opal asked faintly, her visions swirling as she felt the lump forming on the back of head. She squinted, shaking her head several times as she rolled over to push herself back up.

"Sorry sweetie-pie but I don't have time to talk right now- Oh! You got groceries? Fantastic- I might need more though. Would you mind going back to the story again Opal?" Emerald asked, her voice carrying from the kitchen along with a series of clattering from what sounded like falling pots and pans.

Opal she must've been more dazed then she'd thought since Emerald wasn't making any sense. Giving her head another good shake, Opal shuffled her way to the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. Sure enough, as she rounded the corner Opal saw her sister bent over in front of the sink cabinet, stacking ever pot and pan they owned onto counter. She watched as Emerald then tried to stand back up but seemed to be hindered by something.

"Oof! Boy, this hull just keeps getting in the way." She panted, turning to face Opal as she place a hand on-

"Oh my- Emerald!! Is.. is that your s-stomach!?" Opal gasped, her eyes wide as she pointed to the round orb of flesh that protruded out in front of her sister, hanging a solid five- maybe even 7- inches over her shorts! She looked 7 months pregnant- with twins!! Pregnant. Opal cringed. "Oh Emerald, I'm so sorry." She groaned, reaching the conclusion that her sister must not have properly absorbed her "meal" and had become fertilized. Opal expected her sister to give a sheepish smile in return but instead received a confused frown. "Hmm? Sorry for what?" she asked, drumming her fingers against her swollen middle, realizing what Opal had meant just as Opal realized her mistake. Opal remembered the mound of warm flesh that had engulfed her and realized that a pregnant stomach couldn't have done that! But then-

"Oh nonono silly, this belly's full o' food, not fetus." She laughed, slapping her stomach playfully while Opal watched it quiver like Jell-O. Defiantly NOT pregnant. "I guess I may have overdone it a little, but their food id so so soooo gooood- Jill & Terry's I mean." Emerald added, seeing Opals blank expression. "It's this little restaurant I found down the avenue and OHMYGOD!!!! It's like having an orgasm in your mouth!! Everything's so good, soooo gooood, even the broccoli- and you know how much I that that stuff! And their German Roast is just to DIE FOR!!!!" She gasped, talking so quickly that Opal could hardly keep up, though the message was pretty clear: she <3 their food.

Well, that would certainly explain her sister's swollen gut, still. "But.. That's great and all, but why are you taking out all these-"

"Because they're going out of business!!!" Emerald shouted, her tone changing so drastically that Opal physically jumped. "And it's not fair either- just because Jill had her baby and is unable to cook, those DAMN mooks in business suits think they can just close them up! Can you believe that!?" she ranted, fuming as she slammed a grease-stained paper bag onto the counter next to the pots before unrolling the top. "I'll bet if they tasted their food those idiots wouldn't even consider it- I mean even their desserts are heavenly and I'm not even really one for sweets. Here I brought some for you, try it^^." She told Opal, scooping a forkful of what appeared to be a slice of turtle cake. Seeing this Opal held up a hand in protest.

"No, that's OK I- MMPPH!!" she tried to say but came put muffled as Emerald shoved the forkful into her sister's mouth; being the oldest, she usually got her way. Not that Opal was complaining; as soon as the crumbly chocolate touched her tongue began to dance with delight. Suddenly her entire mouth was tingling with the sugary aftertaste, making her mouth water to absorb and process ever last crumb. She swallowed. "W-Wow.. that is good!!" Opal panted, her eyes sparkling like emerald as her tongue explored every inch of her mouth for leftover crumbs.

Emerald grinned. "I know right!? I can't let soothing this good just close up. The problem is that they don't have a cook right? So I figured "Hey, I'm not doing anything for the next few weeks, so why not try out a few recipes to save the restaurant"."

"Save the restaurant?" Opal repeated, peering to her elder sister's gleaming features to see if she was serious. Emerald was a good cook to be sure, but it was one thing to cook a few tacos for her and Jake and completely another to actively cook several different types of meals a day. It seemed as though Emerald hadn't completely thought this through, per usual, and had gotten too excited to see that lay ahead.

"Yes- It's up to us Opal. The fate of the restaurant is in our hands- and our stomachs!"

"O-Our hands??" Opal demanded, unable to recall her ever saying such a thing. She'd never even heard of this restaurant before today. And what did she mean "our stomachs?"

"Of course Opal, you're going to be my official taste-tester once I get this bacon bakin'."

"Wha- ME!?!"

"Well duh silly, I'm too stuffed to eat anything else right now. So I need you to taste things for me to make sure I got it right." She told Opal, sounding as though this should've been obvious as she slapped her bloated middle, causing it to quiver once more. And yet again Emerald was trying to force her into something she didn't really want to do.

"I don't know Emerald,  I-I'm not really in the mood for this sort of thing right now…" Opal sighed, the initial shock of this bizarre turn of events beginning to wear off as lonely absents of her brother returned. She gazed down at the hardwood floor, feeling emptier than ever as the tsunami of her sadness suddenly hit her all at once.

Seeing this emerald gave her sister an exasperated smile. "Oh don't you see, this is the perfect time for you to be my taste-tester." She told Opal as she completely revealed the slice of turtle cake from the greasy bag. "What you need is a little pick-me-up- and I know how much you love sweets so I thought we'd start with the desert selection first." She told her with a friendly wink before pushing he slice of cake closer to Opal who's mouth instantly began to water.

This was a flat out bribe but it was working. Besides there may have been some truth to what Emerald had said, perhaps she did need a little "comfort food" to help her fill that emptiness left by Jade's absence.. and she really wanted another bite of that cake!
This is my collaboration with :icon1o1whorrifying1o1: where I took here three OC siblings and made a "little" story about them :P . Please note that this takes place before the girls the girls developed their bellies and as such might have slightly different personalities that they do in the present cannon.

I hope you all enjoy this story since I had a lot of fun writing it and think it's one of my best since the initial chapter Victoria :aww: . After taking such a long leave of absence I feel like I finally beginning to get back into my stride.

Please leave comments so i know what you think (and let me know if you think I should separate this eatery into two parts, i know it's kinda long ^^; ... ).


This story will be broken into three (four?) parts since i already have an idea what will happen in each part even if I haven't written them all yet. I don't know when the next part will be finished but rest assured I will finish this project!
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This story made me click my brain into cartoon mode in order for me to follow this! So someone that looks like a stuffed She Devil / Demon girl is going or just wants to be a Cook at a Restaurant! This restaurant that has great tasting food, but no cook to cook it because of a new baby, right? ! I must keep reading to get back to the belly over stuffing part or parts!
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I know Im goin to like this story when its done :)
LordBater Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
:D Oh why thank you :hug:!! I'm always really glad to hear what people think of my work (as little of it as there is ^^; ). I have no idea when I'll be able to upload the next but rest assured that I will finish the story.. eventually ^^;.
trulymadhatter Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I always enjoy a good story :)
LordBater Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Heh, well I'm glad you enjoyed it ^w^!
Btw if you were to pick one thing about my story that was your favorite, what would it be :P ?
trulymadhatter Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I would have to say the detailed desciption of the expantion would be my fav. thing in the mixed breed one and in sucubi, it just seems to be impling plenty stuffing :)
Also 1 question how do you follow somebody or whatever its called on deviantart?
LordBater Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Mmm I see, I see. Well then I'll be sure to emphasize my elaboration on their stomach's growth in my future uploads ;).

Oh you mean how to "watch" someone? Simple really, just go to their profile page by clicking their name, look near the top-right corner of the page where it says "Watch" and then click on it ^w^!
trulymadhatter Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! :) Feeling like a noob for not noticing that :)
Once I get time off from school and stop being a computer noob I might also write some stories. Keep up the good work....
No time to fix things, must sleep...
LordBater Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Lol don't worry I'm sure you're not the first XP
I'll be sure to check out your stories if I have time ;P!
klaoz95 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
A really nice work that has both relateable personality traits and a very good plot setup. You have some real talent! I felt as though the characters were real enough that I truly knew them. Keep up the good work, and I hope you find the time to work on the next two parts, because I can't wait to see how they come out!
LordBater Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
Awww that's so kind of you to say ^/////^. Thank you very much, I always love to read what people think of my work^^ (even though I don't have very much to show ^^; ).

It's viewers like yourself that always bring me back and give me motivation to continue ^w^. I can't say when I'll be working on the next part, but rest assured that I will finish this mini series ;) .
1O1Whorrifying1O1 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL @ my OCs

what I liked the most were their personalities : D
LordBater Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
Awwwww, thank you so much :iconchuuplz::iconhuggleplz::heart:
I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that you liked their personalities since it was the thing I improvised the most ^^;. I tried my best to stay within the context that you gave me so I'm glad that it turned out alright :D! Again thanks so very much for taking the time to read my little narration, it's a real blessing to hear the opinion of the original creator of these characters :aww:

So now that you've read my version of your characters is there anything you see as inconstant with your vision of them? Is there anything I could have improved on or perhaps anything I should include in the next two parts (once I get around to writing them ^^; )? I'd love to hear your thoughts ^0^ !
Tulsatrash Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
that was fun to read. I look forward to reading what comes next.
LordBater Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
Well thank you :iconeweplz::heart:
Would you mind sharing what in particular you liked about it ^w^ ? It's always good for me to know what works and what doesn't .
daysdays Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great story! Hehe I love the crying sister moment, it's such a heartwarming scene T^T *sniff* And you gotta love the taste tester job, I like where it's going!

I do like how you mix in some drama with the characters in the plot along with the wg and stuffing though. It makes it a lot more interesting to read and then the bellies are the chocolate and cherry on top haha. :D
LordBater Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
Aww thanks man ^w^ ! I'm glad you enjoyed the story and even happier that you left a comment for me to read ;w;

lol, which crying scene, there was like more than one with her XD . But in all serious thank you^^. I had a great time writing those scenes and I hope it shows :)
And YUS to taste-testerz X3 !!!

*w* . I know some people don't like drama and would rather just get strait to the belly-stuffing (which will happen net btw ;P ), but I always loved to tell stories with the characters I write about. And for those who didn't read the whole thing because of that, I hope you at least enjoyed the beginning :iconeheheplz: .
daysdays Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha no problem! I'm shocked to see no one else commenting though! I would think the person you did the trade for would at least do it...

Lol, oh the one where the brother was going to leave her for the concert. :3

Yeah I know what you mean, it's hard to find the right balance and all. But yeah it's a good break from too much belly stuff sometimes ya know?

Look forward to more! :D
LordBater Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012
She has been busy with school just like me which is probably why she hasn't had time to leave a comment (And I did write kinda a lot ^^; ). I'm sure she will eventually when she has time :) .

Oh yeah that was a scene I'd planned from the very begining, ever since she told me that Jade and Opal were twins :D . I wanted it to be a touching scene depicting someone's fear of losing someone they care about, something we can all relate to and feel strongly about.

Heh, well I try ;P . Althoguh I think my work (past and present) has actually seen less belly than I had intended for this account. But never fear I shall change that with our collaboration and the part 2's (for this series and the Spaghetti Factory one ;) ).

I hope you will enjoy what is to come :aww:
daysdays Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah that's true, that's probably it cause I had a lot of stories in my deviantwatch up until now and I couldn't read them cause of school but now I've got most of them knocked out so I can concentrate on the new ones.

Yeah I understand, it was really a great scene. :)

Oh yes our collaboration! I have drawn a picture of Tori btw I just need to color it (haha I may have told you in the note already lol)
Oh yes I'm really excited to see the next part of the spaghetti factory!

Haha I'm sure that I will! :happybounce:
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