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Very nice, glad to see you addressed some of the points I made in the original wile adding some lovely new elements and dynamics ;) . An...

A really solid to add to your renewed collection (you my friend are on a roll :P) From the pose to her choice in ethnicity you really se...

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Introducing- Nala Pages 19 and 20 by LordBater
Introducing- Nala Pages 19 and 20

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Pages 17 & 18
Pages 19 & 20 (You are here)
[ END ]


Here we are folks, the final update for what I had planned for this introduction series, and maaaaan did it take FOREVER for me to get all these parts uploaded. For a time scale I had like 95% of the sketches alread drawn in my sketchbook by the first few weeks of January before my school's spring quarter ended-- over 7 months ago! Granted I had my last college classes ever to worry about, not to mention graduating, but honestly I should have had these pages out on a much more stable schedule ;w; .

Still, all the pages are done and out in the open for you all to see :D! Woooot!! I've said it before but I've had a lot of fun drawing and writing this series, it serves it's initial purpose of getting me familiar with my character's anatomy while even going beyond to tell a fun little story. A story with a rather dark ending as it turns out ^^; , it hints toward moments in this character's life that I'd love to get the chance to to share at some point in the future. There is a distinct darkness to Nala that's influenced the type of person she is at present, but it's not all "doom-and-gloom" for this little oddball, I have some more cheerful and sweet moments I can share though her as well. I hope you'll all stick around for more of Nala's story and other characters like her once I find the time to sit down and start writing/drawing them out :) .

I hope you've all enjoyed this series at least half as much as I have making it, and feel to leave any comments or criticisms in the comments bellow, you can even offer Nala your words of encouragement :P.

I'm actually curious if any of you have a favorite page from this series? If so what was it and what did you like most about it? :3
Introducing- Nala Pages 10 and 11 by LordBater
Introducing- Nala Pages 10 and 11
Edit 2: The earlier uploads before pages 12 and 13 have been given black and white contrasts to reflect the style I've been using from page 16 and onward.

Edit: Fixed the link to pages 8 & 9


Index <---
Pages 8 & 9
Pages 10 & 11 (You are here)
Pages 12 & 13


Now we're starting to get to my favorite pieces, here we get my second attempt at a 3/4 angle that I tried back on page 1 (feel free to compare!). I've applied some of the lessons I learned from page 6 on how to draw the character's neck and better balance in the shoulder positions, I'm also pretty happy with the body mass I managed to convey in this sketch :3 . I had TONS of fun changing the positions of her eyes between the two expressions, seeing how just a small shift and some new eyebrows can make all the difference ;P .

In the first expression I wanted to try and convey a sense of self-satisfaction in using her abilities despite her previous reluctance, kinda that feeling you get when you haven't done something in a while and you find yourself getting right back into it to see it work just right^^. Then of course the second expression is pretty self-explanatory :P .

This time around I decided to use a different technique to create Nala's pupils so that they aren't so faded, I also changed the hue in her left eye so that it looks more noticeably turquoise (hopefully it does anyways ^^; ).

Fun fact: I wasn't originally going to have her crush the can in that second picture, the idea came to me while I was drawing the second face on the body template and I wanted to see if I could actually do it with the resources I had. I used the same soda can in my room I'd used as a reference the first time and crushed it to see how the material would fold.

Fun Fact #2: Going back through all my sketches up till the point before I drew these ones, I noticed that with each drawing Nala's hoodie seemed to gradually unzip to show just a little more of her T-shirt underneath. It was purely by accident, just me trying to figure out how I wanted the fabric to fit over her body, but it was a funny enough idea that I decided to roll with it and purposefully revealed more of her shirt in this sketch XD. I've decided that over the course of this "interview" Nala moves around, causing enough friction on her straining hoodie to cause the zipper to become undone, for flavor-text XP
Introducing- Nala Pages 8 and 9 by LordBater
Introducing- Nala Pages 8 and 9
Edit 2: The earlier uploads before pages 12 and 13 have been given black and white contrasts to reflect the style I've been using from page 16 and onward.

Edit: Fixed the link to pages 5 & 6 & 7


Index <---
Pages 5 & 6 & 7
Pages 8 & 9 (You are here)
Pages 10 & 11


Here's the point where the "Introduction" project began to grow from just sketching my character in various way to a more fleshed out concept. Once I got into the groove of drawing I wanted to try and start doing more dynamic shots, leading to more panels and more sketches than I had initially set out to do.
I've had an idea of how Nala's powers work for a while now, I started explaining them in the previous pages but here I wanted to try and show how her telekinesis works via a demonstration. I tried to give an "artistic" representation of how Nala sees the world by sensing the energy of objects, mapping the example table in a "grid of existence." This grid has multiple different layers for each possible outcome, each layer associated with an object given a unique "name" that Nala can "read." Artistically I've written each line on the "grid of existence" in a language specified for magic that I made up when I was in high school (though it's pretty easy to crack once you get it).

I know these pages might be a bit confusing, but I hope you still think they came out alright. I tried to make things a little easier to follow by highlighting the can in the same purple as the energy manifested in Nala's finger, giving the idea that the can is "moving" through different possible realities to move to her hand.
Let me know what you guys think^^
Introducing- Nala Pages 5, 6, and 7 by LordBater
Introducing- Nala Pages 5, 6, and 7
Edit The earlier uploads before pages 12 and 13 have been given black and white contrasts to reflect the style I've been using from page 16 and onward.


Index <---
Pages 3 & 4
Pages 5 & 6 & 7 (You are here)
Pages 8 & 9


Well this was interesting; I was originally just going to have pages 6 and 7 be one page spliced together side by side, but the template I've made for the page size turned out to be too narrow to fit both images. My choices were to either shrink the images and loose the sketching detail, enlarge the template page width, or simply move one image to another page (you see the results before you.

These were done close to Febuary which for me was during Winter Quarter. This was were my cumulative practice began to show, learning from the different angles I'd drawn Nala in to update what her profile looks like from the front (see my first attempt on page 1). Image #15 (aka Page 5 here)  is probably one of the most important pages I've done in this series for the sere amount of times I drew, and erased, and redrew the lines of her profile, just experimenting with mapping techniques I'd been teaching myself. For example, I noticed in my earlier work how how the neck line never really looked quite right, a strait angle that just lead directly to the chest (like on Page 1, Image #2).

To sketch a body I'd been using the character's head as a measuring stick for the shoulders, hips, and torso to get the proportions right, but up until Image #15 I hadn't tried to apply these proportions to the neck-- which I should have been doing! Just looking at a mirror, human being have a natural space for neck and collarbone before leading into the chest. Likewise I began experimenting with the actual neck line to better represent muscles in the shoulders, angling the neck line inwards instead of just going strait down (and I'm quite pleased with the result if I do say so myself).

This was my second attempt at drawing Nala's hat from the front, and though I'm still not entirely pleased with the rounded angles I've drawn, I do think it's better than what I drew on Page 1.

Also this entry marked the first time I added in the thin lines Nala's cheeks, something I wnt back and added in later to the previous sketches as the "perma-flush" became part of her character design :P . Again a very important milestone for this series.

And then of course we have Pages 6 and 7 were we finally get a good look at Nala's "energy storage tank" protruding out there despite its "low reserves" XP. It was quite fun to finally sit down and officially try my hand at some belly art (and it certainly won't be the last you see of it in this series either ;P . Stay tuned!)
Second attempt at posting

Well guys, as you may or may not be aware, I had set a deadline for myself in my last comic page upload to have the finale posted on 8/29, aka today. I'd worked a good chunk of yesterday to get pages 19 and 20 finished and I even went black to my earlier pages to add some black and white values. I got everyone set and ready last night to keep my deadline... Then my power went out. And then I was told about a family gathering I wasn't told about, which is where I am now. I'm not even kidding.

So everything is finished and ready to go, I just have no way of uploading it, *sigh*

The one time I set a deadline for myself and work to stick with it, this happens. It's just like, of all days... ><
And to add to that, I tried to send this message on my phone at around 2:00, but we stopped at a McDonalds on the way out and my message failed to send when my phone automatically connected to the public wifi >:/ . Today is not my day for DevisntArt...
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